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Bernie Sanders, accidental spearhead of the new American progressivism of the late 2010s/early 20s, said of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that in his four decades in Congress, he’d never seen a freshman congressperson have such a positive effect on her colleagues and voters. And while AOC (as she’s commonly known) is also a hardcore supporter of workers’ rights and reforming the criminal justice system, it is undoubtedly her co-authorship of the original Green New Deal bill and subsequent work on environmental issues.


Though Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez merely co-authored the original Green New Deal proposal submitted to the House – Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts is the answer to the soon-to-be trivia question – she has rallied both her freshman peers in D.C. and many a senior senator to the near-revolutionary cause. (Heck, Sen. Markey has been in the Senate for four decades.)

The exact cause for AOC’s disproportionate popularity throughout the country is certainly difficult to pin down. Her youthful enthusiasm is certainly a breath of fresh air; however, it’s hard to believe that a population evermore cynical about domestic politics could be won over by any politician – élan aside.

There may be something to whole New York City aura as well: Consider that both lifetime (until recently) city resident Donald Trump and the carpetbagging Hillary Clinton both represented New York, and Bernie Sanders was born in Brooklyn. Who knows why NYC produces AOC and other groundbreakers in the political realm – perhaps it comes from surviving the shark tank of the New York political machines – but there’s no denying that AOC’s is a good old New York story of the sort that moviemakers love.

Maybe it’s her candor: AOC has shown that she has no problem pointing out that sacrifices may need to be made for passage of a Green New Deal, that some within her own party (cough cough Nancy Pelosi) may not be as progressive as is currently warranted by global environmental crisis.

Or maybe, just maybe, Americans really are sick of the “big two” political parties and are in fact ready to embrace *real* change…

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