Green New Deal News


Agriculture is one fundamental industry on which a properly implemented Green New Deal would make a dramatic effect. In three major areas of environment does modern industrial agriculture far badly: greenhouse gas (particularly methane) emission, wastewater treatment and, in the cases of fast-food restaurant chains and meat importation, deforestation.

A recent study undertaken by the NGO thinktank Institute for Food and Development, a.k.a. Food First, commented that the challenges facing sustainable/green agriculture, namely to “provide enough food and ecosystem services for present and future generations in an era of climate change, increasing costs of energy, social unrest, financial instability and increasing environmental degradation.”

On the other hand, few areas of environmental improvement as envisioned by Green New Deal opponents are looked upon with as much open-mindedness and optimism as green agriculture. Investment in organic food, fertilizer and farm futures has been high since the 2010s began. Though speculation tends to rule the roost in terms of investment at present, as green agriculture become the norm, standard technologies will be accepted in America’s and international farmlands, thus streamlining the market.

Though, as previously stated, greening agriculture means wide-sweeping changes in lots of industries, three areas in particular are already receiving due attention years before passage of any Green New Deal: Organic foods, organic and/or cleaner fertilizer and vertical farming. Vertical faming is a particularly attractive idea, as little to no permanent environmental damage is done and the area devoted to these massive hydroponic farms is maximized for low-waste agricultural production.

Such green agriculture is expected to be far more prevalent in greater society by 2030 and could well become the standards by 2050, depending on legislation.

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