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Though the U.S. Green Party in national presidential elections tends to irrelevance (unless Ralph Nader is running, we suppose), European countries’, Australia’s and Canada’s parliamentary systems of government allow their Greens to participate in the political process, thus shaping policy in a way impossible in America.

Due the nature of the two-party system which has evolved in the U.S., America’s Green Party is quite weak. After its initial organization in 1984, the Greens finally only received anything resembling 50-state ballot access for Election 2000. In that election, Democrats used the 2.7% of the vote received by the Green Party ticket of former consumer advocate Ralph Nader and Native American activist Winona La Duke as a scapegoat for their Gore/Lieberman ticket’s defeat.

Elsewhere, however, the Green Party enjoys more respect and therefore more success. Some 57 countries have at least one party calling itself “green” and/or environmentalist – and Denmark has three. The Green Party has had a president elected in Austria, though a parliamentary election in 2017 wiped out most Green seats in parliament. In elections of the 2010s, Green Parties in Germany and the Netherlands have enjoyed 20% to 25% vote totals consistently, and trends indicate that the 2020s should be very good electorally for Greens in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland and Switzerland.

Strengthening the international green movement as well is the Global Greens international network, a coalition of Green Party groups, environmental groups and NGOs dedicated to the Global Greens Charter, an agreement with signatories from 72 nations which was finalized in 2012. The Charter is an agreement dedicated to environmental improvement based in the politics of six principles: ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory democracy, nonviolence, sustainability, and respect for diversity.

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