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A major study undertaken in 2017 showed that 100 companies may be held responsible for some 71% of all greenhouse gas emissions since 1988. The corporations and affiliated businesses will face up to the new realities of the 21st century in one of two ways: Reversing course on “dirty” tech and practices or by doing business as usual. The trend toward green investment strongly implies the former is actually better for business.

The study entitled The Carbon Majors Report, undertaken by UK-based environmental non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) together with the Climate Accountability Institute (CAI), further pointed out some valuable advice to traditional investors: Given that fossil fuel reserves alone contain more potential greenhouse gas emissions than currently permissible, some $2 trillion in investment funding could well be abandoned whether the standing big oil and coal companies go green or not.

Should business go the “not” route, however, they may find ever fewer investors in the future. As the London Guardian subheaded in its article on the CDP/CAI study: “A relatively small number of fossil fuel producers and their investors could hold the key to tackling climate change.”

Green investment is all about allocating capital toward projects with a beneficial effect on the environment, and a number of niche companies enjoyed steady growth throughout the 2010s thanks to green investors. Under a Green New Deal, the federal government would become more directly involved with allocation of capital in green businesses and tech companies, but until then such investment is a sound idea for individuals.

On the macro level, green investment may be divided into five subsectors: waste management; carbon capture and pollution reduction technology; water resource management; alternative energy; and ocean defense/cleanup. Business for green investment work within the agriculture, construction, telecom, power, transportation, industrial, forestry and water/wastewater sectors.

World Economic Forum analysis indicates that up to $5 *trillion* in new investments could be needed to secure a future of 2°­C above pre-industrial temperatures, and that growth in such investment has increased year on year by as much as 32% since 2007 – who says a Green New Deal is for socialists?

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