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For more specific environment news, is further subdivided into a handful of general topics, including

• Agriculture. Large-scale farming without adequate wastewater treatment has results in overproduction of methane, a particularly damaging greenhouse gas.

• Endangered species. The interconnectivity of life on planet Earth is still nowhere near understood, but it is clear that with each species becoming endangered, moribund or extinct, the chain of life loses a valuable link.

•  Green politics. Across the world, an exciting new generation of politicians is pushing progressive policies; we’re particularly interested in those centered on environment and especially those spinning off Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

• Green business. Many in the US and UK fear green politics as pure socialism, but from our perspective, a lot of investors are making a lot of money in very capitalistic fashion right now – and the trend could well continue for the foreseeable and even long-term future.

•  Climate science. To address issues of today’s climate emergency/emergencies, mankind is depending on science on technological development. Improvements to green tech are reported seemingly daily and investment is rife; could humanity even be heading into a scientific golden age?

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