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Endangered Species

When people started noticing what seemed to be a steadily-growing list of endangered species, moribund species and new extinctions, even those who weren’t scoffing about the imagined imbalanced protections extended to the spotted owl, for example, had no idea just how extensive the damage to Earth’s flora and fauna was set to become.

The sad and scary truth is that planet Earth is, if not actually in the throes of a mass extinction, could certainly slip into one. The Earth has experienced climate change many times and has overseen some five mass extinctions already. These events have been caused by global Ice Age-like conditions, massive volcanic activity, simple lack of biodiversity or traumatic events such as the famous planet-killer meteor which finished off the dinosaurs. These extinctions have taken place slowly over 18 million years or incredibly quickly by galactic standards, as in the Triassic/Jurassic extinction which had effectively exterminated over 70% of species in 50 years or less.

Endangered species, then, may serve as a harbinger of what may come to our own species. Since the industrial age, human activity of various sorts has result in endangerment or extinction of nearly uncountable species. In the early days of European colonization, the introduction of invasive species and even domesticated animals help speed to extinction of species, particularly those of Pacific Islands which hadn’t known predators in millions of years. Large-scale technology brought deforestation and other habitat destruction. As a society advances, pollution of earth, air and water lessen the animals’ chances, and combinations of all the aforementioned factors have helped contribute to global warming, which is also causing evermore endangered species and extinctions.

Green New Deal politics hope to account for this damage though various Earth-friendly measures both direct and indirect, but the truth is that any improvement in human behavior with regard to the planet will improve the lot of many endangered species immediately.

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