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The rise of green technology has poised the world economy on the brink of its biggest makeover since the post-World War II era and the rise of – grok the irony here – plastics and nuclear weaponry. In the 2020s and beyond, humanity should expect green technology to become ubiquitous, affecting everything from where we live to how we work to what we eat.

Someday humanity may well consider the expression “green technology” as redundant. Considering the far-reaching goals of the Green New Deal and its adherents, coming years will certainly see a new pervasiveness throughout society of green technology. Examples of this may already be seen in everyday life in most parts of the world, in areas such as

• Electric automobiles, other vehicles and engine-driven machines. This is of course the first example of green technology that most people think of, and with good reason: According to one industry researcher, global electric vehicle market was valued at $118.9 billion in 2017 and is expected to rise to $567.3 billion by 2025.

• Carbon-capture technology news is detailed elsewhere on and is crucial in a first line of attack against further increases to greenhouse gasses.

•  Water/wastewater treatment systems both for human societies and agriculture are a well-underrated aspect of green living, but is already increasingly Earth-friendly without Green New Deal legislation.

• Alternative/renewable energy sources – specifically those old goodies solar, wind and hydroelectric power – have long been touted as positive green technology solutions and may finally overcome the efforts of megacorporations to supplant old-fashioned carbon-burning fuels in most everyday uses.

• Vertical farming is a great energy- and space-saver which can bring agriculture into the 21st century. This technology leverages science and knowledge from hydroponics and greenhouses in order to efficient pack a land area with plants whose growth and development may be more easily monitored and controlled.

• Self-sufficient buildings and infrastructure are among the most interesting and high-tech of all ideas backed by Green New Deal proponents, offering a real chance to advance sustainability with these constructions which usually employ photovoltaic panels.

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