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Ashton-Under-Lyne constituency candidates for the General Election 2019

Voters in Ashton-under-Lyne are preparing to head to the polls to choose their next member of Parliament in the first winter election in nearly a century.

The seat has been Labour since 1935 and is currently represented by shadow education secretary Angela Rayner.

Elected in 2015, she has since been an outspoken defender of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

A leave-leaning constituency, which also covers Failsworth in Oldham, it has been most closely contested by the Conservatives in the past, with UKIP polling third place in the previous two elections.

Now each candidate has set out their stall for why voters should back them at the ballot box come December 12.

Derek Brocklehurst, Brexit Party

"I went to Stamford High School in Ashton and I have also worked in both Droylsden and Failsworth as a taxi driver serving the local community.

"After being a lifelong Labour supporter I decided to stand for the Brexit party because party politics is broken and democracy is slowing slipping away from our society. 

"The Brexit party is the only party who will work hard with its constituents to put the principles of trust and integrity at the centre of political life and restore Democracy back to the people.

"We are the workers and the backbone of this country and as your parliamentary candidate I want to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

"I would also like to rejuvenate Ashton market and offer zero business rates to entice new shop owners to bring the town back to its former glory of a bustling shopping place which once attracted visitors from all over the North West."

Dan Costello, Conservative Party

"I’m proud to be Tameside born and bred. I was born in Tameside Hospital and I live in the Hurst area of Ashton with my wife, Katie, and our two beagles, Danny and Bagel.

"As I go around the area, many people tell me they feel let down by the local Labour MP.

"My priority as your MP will be to respect your vote and to back the prime minister’s deal to deliver Brexit so that we can move on to the other issues you tell me are important; delivering on your priorities of investing in our NHS, our police and schools.

"No other party can beat Labour here. A vote for anyone else will let them back in. Make your vote count on December 12.

"Vote for your local Conservative candidate, Dan Costello."

Lee Huntbach, Green Party

"Since becoming a Green party councillor, it has become clear from the groundswell of support I have received that voters are enthusiastic for change.

"Brexit, important though it is, has been a time-consuming and painful distraction from what is the greatest ever threat to humanity.

"As politicians we should be working together to prioritise a future for our children and grandchildren rather than indulging in tribal and politically motivated arguments regarding EU membership.

"Other parties attempt to ‘greenwash’ their manifestos whilst at the same time supporting airport expansion, extensive road networks and HS2.

"All of these will increase carbon output whilst ripping up ancient woodlands that are vital for carbon capture, clean air and recreation.

"The Green party have been developing a green new deal for over ten years. We are the originators and the experts.

"This is your chance to vote Green and make change a reality."

Angela Rayner, Labour Party

"I would love to be given the honour of continuing to serve as your MP so I can carry on fighting for our children, elderly, doctors, dentists, schools, police, firefighters and our hospitals. 

"This election is about so much more than Brexit. We need to rid the country of the austerity-loving Tories and get Labour into power to bring about the transformation that is so desperately needed for the many, not the privileged few.

"A Labour government would prioritise our NHS, free childcare, free school meals for primary school children, free colleges and universities so our young people get the start they deserve, looking after our armed forces members and veterans, locking in and guaranteeing the winter fuel allowance, free TV licences and bus passes so older people are shown the respect they deserve, a real living wage of £10 an hour for workers of all ages and a green industrial revolution that will create 400,000 jobs while helping to reduce our emissions to net zero."

George Rice, Liberal Democrats

"I am proud to be standing as Ashton-under-Lyne’s only Stop Brexit candidate.

"There is no Brexit deal, whether it be negotiated by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage or Jeremy Corbyn, that will be in anyway beneficial to Tameside.

"Brexit is an ideological project that will harm our NHS, harm our job prospects and harm our local communities so I’m thrilled to offer voters in Ashton, Failsworth and Droylsden the option to make it stop.

"My priorities for Tameside include seeking to build more affordable housing to ensure that young people in the area aren’t priced out of the housing market and ensuring that Denton Community College receives the funding it needs to cope with its rapidly growing number of students."

To vote all you need to do is go to a polling station - but it does have to be the location listed on your polling card.

Once you arrive, just tell the staff your name and address and they will cross your name off the list and tell you what you need to do.

You will be asked to enter a booth, vote for the choice of candidate and place the paper in the ballot box.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on the day, and are usually public buildings such as schools or local halls.