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Trump, El Paso and the media's blame-game double standard

Elizabeth “Bee” LeCron, 23, was arrested in December after she allegedly purchased black powder and screws to make a pipe bomb.

Online, LeCron praised mass murderers, including white supremacist Dylann Roof. She was also a militant animal-rights activist, plotting attacks on livestock farms.

She reportedly met with what turned out to be an undercover FBI agent and suggested they plant a bomb at a factory LeCron believed was polluting a river. According to authorities, she “was willing to sabotage anything that harms the environment.”

Is Al Gore to blame for Bee LeCron’s twisted ideology? Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal? The language of the left on climate change is apocalyptic: We have 12 years to act before the planet is destroyed. LeCron considered the situation desperate — is it any wonder she was driven by their rhetoric to violence?

Democrats will reject this out of hand. Yes, fighting climate change is important, but the movement does not advocate murder, and LeCron is a nut.

Yet when it comes to the El Paso shootings and President Trump, Dems and the media make no such distinctions: Trump calls for limited immigration; Patrick Crusius hated immigrants — therefore Trump “inspired” his actions. Even after the president forcefully denounced hate in Monday’s speech, the left-leaning press dismissed his words.

In his unhinged manifesto, Crusius himself said that he wasn’t motivated by Trump, that his white supremacist beliefs predated the president (the media mostly ignored this).

Crusius also denounced corporations, saying they’re to blame for global warming. As with LeCron, it turns out the mind of a terrorist can be a bouillabaisse of conspiracy theory and grievances.

Democrats are using only parts of the manifesto to slander the president, and try to make lawmakers run from his policies. But advocating for border control and a rational immigration policy is not white supremacy.

There’s a double standard in both language and coverage. When AOC explained away (some would say: encouraged) Palestinian attacks on Israel, saying, “They have no choice but to riot, right?” it elicited barely a whimper of protest. Meanwhile, the media has spent the last two days parsing every word Trump has used to describe the crisis of hundreds of thousands of people from Central America trying to get into the United States.

Crusius is a terrorist. LeCron is a terrorist. Connor Betts, the Dayton mass shooter who praised leftie Elizabeth Warren and antifa, is a terrorist. Their beliefs are twisted. It is political opportunism at its worst for Democrats to try to blame El Paso on the president.